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about feathersxxx


feathersxxx is an e-erotic toy shop enhancing the desires of the NEW WOMAN: soft and hard

feathersxxx sex-toys invites your mind and body to be aroused, titillated, uninhibited, seduced, pleasured, renewed and unmasked with our insatiably sinful erotic sex-toys like vibrators, dildos, bondage gear, bullets and much more while using some of the industries premier providers of erotic play like California Exotic Novelties, Pipedreams and Lelo.

We created feathersxxx online sex-toy boutique for the uninhibited, unafraid to take control of their sexual desires. 

Women enjoy sex as much and if not more than men do but often times, many have been expected to repress their sensual and sexual desires in the name of a woman's virtue. Thanks to the internal sexual revolution happening in the mind, body and sin of women, they are taking their place as sexual aggressors and initiators of their own orgasmic bliss.

We are no longer expected to grin and bear it, fulfill our wifely duty, please and not be pleased or any of the cornucopia of reasons society dredges up to keep women believing that our only role is as pleaser. The quiet waters of docile femininity have been stirred. The hot lava of lust builds, creating an explosive hunger for fantasy, role play, fetish and fulfillment. Her gift to herself now includes both self gratification and ultimate pleasure with her chosen mate/s. She is the ultimate lady in the street and a freak in the bed. She yearns to be a seductress by night or morning if the kids aren't around, taking herself and her partner to tantric levels of sexual explosion.

feathersxxx is the new "cumer" looking to spice up a timid lover, the bored couple needing to seek out new experiences, the self pleaser or the fiery thrill seeker unafraid to express their natural sexual animal lust, building and anticipating a creamy river of fulfilled desires.

Join the women and men who have freed themselves and now swell with delight with products bought at feathersxxx.

Products & Services

feathersxxx sex-toys strives to deliver the feathersxxx sex-toy customer superior products that include bullets, vibrators, poles, bondage, slings, swings, etc. from the industries premier makers of erotic play, like Lelo, California Exotic Novelties and Pipedreams.

mind shop

An introduction in to the world of eroticism. In our mind shop customers can purchase books, games, lubricants and novelty items, allowing them to peak curiosity and share increased levels of sexual role-play. The mind shop is divided up into 4 categories:

 ·         Books & Games

·         Couples

·         Lubricants & Cleansers

·         Miscellaneous

body shop

Our most popular shop, the body shop is for intermediate users of erotic play. Most items in the body shop can be used for an intimate solo experience or in conjunction with your partner/s for an array of increased sexual role-play possibilities. Feel free to order items for your next event including girls night out/in. Here we cater our men who need stimulation. The body shop is divided up into 6 categories:

·         Anal & Clit Stimulators

·         Bullets, Dildos & Vibrators

·         Poles

·         Strap-Ons

·         fx man

sin shop

The sin shop is for advanced users or those who wish to push the envelope of their sexual role-play with bigger and better sextoys that include swings, slings, inflatables and our beginner to intermediate bondage toys. The sin shop includes 4 categories:

·         bondage

·         furniture/hardware

·         flesh

·         swings/slings

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